Insights for the sales team

Insights ML

Convert more free to Paid customers. Or Product-led Growth

Similar customers combine a past customer behavior an intelligent look-alike modeling algorithm to build a list of customers who are likely to engage, retain, convert or churn, automatically delivered in your inbox.

Analytics ML

Better target message Sell more value.

Use retention data to identify your best feature/market fit. We automatically correlated features with retention using machine learning techniques and understanding what your best feature/market fit is.


Monitor your
WOW moment.

Funnels are a powerful tool for understanding user behavior flows and dropout rates. It shows the flow of events that a user performs (or not) on their way to reach a goal. Advanced user segmentation with properties (role, company, tags, plans) and logical filters (AND, OR, NOT) grouping in users ou company


See how your customers really are using your cloud application

Stop wasting time trying to figure out which is the "best resource," "who is the best customer," "why do not customers retain?" Turn your business into a data-driven enterprise.

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